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Bill Michaelcheck: Co-founder

Born in Tiptonville, he attended Lake County schools, and graduated from Lake County High School in 1965. Bill's mother spent her entire life teaching in Lake County Schools. William Michaelcheck founded Mariner Investment Group, LLC in December of 1992, and is a member of Mariners Management Committee and Chairman of Mariners Investment Group. Formerly, he was Executive Vice President of the Bear Stearns Companies and Senior Managing Director of Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc., where he was Co-Head of the Fixed-Income Department and also responsible for all proprietary trading activities and risk management. Michaelcheck is a native of Tiptonville and a graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. He has earned a Master's degree from the Harvard Business School and is the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Rhodes College.


(731) 442-1789

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